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    Request for Quotations 01/07/2013 08 July 2013 Request for Quotation for Composite Wire Request for Quotations 01/07/2013 08 July 2013 Request for Quotation for Small Electrical Items This post has been generated by Page2RSS See Original Post: City Power Johannesburg   
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  • SENT/NASR-DC/010/2013-14 July 16, 2013
      SENT/NASR-DC/010/2013-14 Appointment of a suitably qualified Service Provider to deliver a turn-key solution for a Data Centre at Sentech’s Nasrec site. 1 July 2013 31 July 2013 @ 12:00 Tender AdministratorSentech SOC Ltd   SENT/COURIER/011/2013-14 Bids are hereby invited for the Supply of National Courier Services to Sentech for a period of 3 years. […]
    RFB FOR THE ONCE-OFF PROCUREMENT OF 4 X SELF-PROPELLED HI-LOADER TRUCKS RFB For the Supply of Hand Tools for the SAAT employees SAAT 003/13 RFB for the Once-off procurement of 4X Self-propelled Hi-Loader Trucks RFB 942 KB Advert 33  KB  Appendix 1 MB Closing Date: 09 July 2013, 11h00 RFB For the Supply of Hand Tools for […]
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    PROVISION OF ARMED RESPONSE AND EMERGENCY REPAIRS - 29 15 135 146 This post has been generated by Page2RSS See Original Post: AMATHOLE   
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    28/06/2013 04 July 2013 Request for Quotation Printing and Distribution of Notices This post has been generated by Page2RSS See Original Post: City Power Johannesburg   
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  • 479C/2012/13 July 16, 2013
    479C/2012/13 UTILITY SERVICES 1 July 2013 15 July 2013 Notice 1 :Professional Services in respect of the Design and Construction of Alterations to the Staff Facilities at the REcticulation Branch Sewer and Water Depots 1 July 2013 13 August 2013 Notice 1 - Supply, Installation and Services for the City of Cape Town Etsi Tetra […]

2012 World-Class Procurement Training Calendar

Commerce Edge

Delivering World-Class
Supply Chain Competence

2012 World-Class Procurement Training Calendar

Commerce Edge is a SAPICS Authorised Education Provider, Registered CIPS Study Centre,
SETA accredited and a level 3 B-BBEE Contributor.

Developing and Managing Contracts and SLA's

Learn how Procurement Experts identify risks and enter into 'STREETWISE' Contracts & Service Level Agreements all within the context of  World Class Procurement Strategies: 

10 & 11 May - Gauteng; 7 & 8 June - Durban 

More Info:

Introduction to Practical Buying

This highly interactive course is for those who are relatively new to the profession or with limited functional experience.  Practical in nature, the course explores purchasing's core competencies through experiential learning using case studies and group work:  

16, 17 & 18 May - Gauteng

More Info:

Fundamentals of Purchasing and World Class Procurement

An introduction to strategic procurement. Understanding the need for and how strategic procurement can create savings. This workshop actively focuses on purchasing principles within the context of where World Class Procurement is heading:

17 & 18 May - Gauteng;  12 & 13 June - Durban

More Info:

New Preferential Procurement Regulations 2011 (PPPFA) Workshop

7 December 2011 market an important change in regulations under which ALL GOVERNMENT BIDS and QUOTES OVER R30 000 must now comply with the amended Preferential Procurement Regulations 2011: Learn about these regulations and how this new legislation impacts your organisation.

22 May - Gauteng

More Info:

Project Management for Procurement Professionals

Learn the core principles of effective project management and more specifically its application in the procurement environment. How to structure programmes, implement effectively and ensure delivery, all within the context of world-class procurement leading practice.

23 & 24 May & 1/2 day assessment on 25 May - Gauteng

More Info:

Effective Tendering and Supplier Management

Learn about international and local leading practices in managing tenders through inception, distribution, adjudication, award and post award right through to managing the supplier relationship.

24 & 25 May - Gauteng

More Info:

Fundamentals of Stores and Stock Control

In this programme you will learn the essential elements of stock control, developing stores control personnel to implement all of the essential tools for the effective management and execution of warehousing and stores. Understand the role & importance of storekeeping in providing customer service.

30, 31 May & 01 June - Gauteng

More Info:

Introduction to Supplier Relationship Management

This workshop will assist delegates to understand how to work collaboratively with suppliers and assist them in identifying those suppliers that are vital to the success of their organisation and how to maximise the potential value of these relationships, ensuring that contract benefits are delivered effectively.

7 & 8 June - Gauteng

More Info:

Strategic Sourcing and Commodity Management


How to track, manage and optimise TCO and savings. Crucially important topics include more than 50 world-class strategies for optimising any part of the spend throughout its lifecycle. Based on global research into Strategic Sourcing and Commodity Management.

14 & 15 June - Gauteng

More Info:

Ethics in Procurement and Supply Chain Management

Understand why values, attitudes & aptitudes are required and the reasons of concern about ethical conduct in a Purchasing and Supply Chain Department. Learn about the areas of unethical conduct where purchasers act unethically either consciously or unconsciously. Learn how to establish an ethics & employment training policy.  

21 June - Gauteng

More Info:

Legal Aspects in Purchasing & Supply Management

The law relating to purchasing extends well beyond that of contracts into a host of area that buyers should understand. Procurement professionals need to understand the contractual terms and conditions that govern legal issues, insurance law and intellectual property rights, among others.

21 & 22 June - Gauteng

More Info:

Public Sector Supply Chain Management

Understand Public Sector Supply Chain Management and how it is governed by the Supply Chain Management Framework and the Public Finance Management Act (PFMA). Gain an appreciation of the Risk Management issues within Demand, Acquisition and Logistics Management.

27, 28 & 29 June - Gauteng

More Info:

Finance for Procurement Professionals

Understand how to navigate around the world of finance in an effective and efficient manner from a procurement context. Learn how to interpret supplier's costs, analyse balance sheets and understand Profit and Loss accounts.

12 & 13 July - Gauteng

More Info:

Supervisory Skills for Procurement Managers

Delegates will gain a broader understanding of the management / supervisory role. This practical workshop covers crucially important topics like the dynamics of supervision, interpersonal effectiveness, workplace communication, motivation and conflict management.

19 & 20 July - Gauteng

More Info:

Critical Negotiation Skills designed for the Procurement Professional

The leading global programme in World Class Procurement Negotiations training available only from Commerce Edge. New and Exclusive information about the latest international negotiation and persuasion techniques as it relates to procurement. 'Thinking Assessment Profile' included, which assists in developing powerful individual negotiation and persuasion skills. 

2 & 3 August - Gauteng

More Info:

Public Sector: Implementing the Three Bid Committees

An in-depth review of procedures and processes which are relevant to a Bid Committee member. Obtain advice and templates; participate in real-world studies and activities. Delegates will leave with practical techniques to assist them in performing their functions effectively.

Endorsed by National Treasury

16 & 17 August - Gauteng

More Info:

Introduction to Negotiations - Negotiating around Price

In this interactive and practical workshop, delegates will learn how to negotiate for better value. Through role plays and case studies they will become familiar with the negotiation process and how to apply the fundamental principles in a non-critical interaction...

20 & 21 September - Gauteng

More Info:

Procurement Time Management

Delegates will develop a comprehensive understanding of the various components required for effective time management. They will be discussed in the context of the procurement environment and its demands....

2012 Dates to be advised - Gauteng

More Info:

Operations Management for the Procurement Professional

The roles, responsibilities and relationships of procurement vs. world class operations management:

2012 dates to be advised - Gauteng

More Info:

Developing a World Class Procurement Strategy

In this Procurement Leadership Seminar, you will learn how as a Public or Private sector Procurement Leader you can get your procurement function RECOGNISED and TRANSFORMED. This workshop is presented in the context of World Class Procurement 'leading practice' and the Government Supply Chain Management Framework.

2012 Dates to be advised - Gauteng

More Info:

Leading & Influencing Procurement Environment

Develop your leadership skills in order to operate at a strategic level. Learn how to motivate and support supply chain members and stakeholders in achieving objectives and success and maximise the potential of your organisation through effective leadership in a variety of contexts, including through change, adversity, conflict and success.

2012 Dates to be advised - Gauteng

More Info:

STORAGE and DISTRIBUTION from a Procurement Perspective

Effective management of stores and distribution throughout the supply chain with particular focus on the inbound supply chain. The Scope of Stores and Distribution, Distribution Planning...

2012 Dates to be advised - Gauteng

More Info:


Commerce Edge is a Level 3 B-BBEE company, accredited through the Services SETA in South Africa (Decision 1402) and a registered provider of the CIPS Education Programme through Commerce Edge Academy. Companies are able to claim part of the cost of Commerce Edge’s courses back from their Skills Development Levies. - Our workshops align to these best practise standards.

Our Guarantee

Although part of the cost of the Commerce Edge World Class Procurement Optimisation workshops can be claimed back from skills development levies paid, Commerce Edge also safeguards your participation. Should you not find the course to be to your standard, just contact us (and send the course manual back) within 6 months and we'll refund 100% of your fee. No questions asked.

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